Sneak Peek- Silly Cousins {Tucson Child Photographer}

These cousins were so silly! All with different personalities- I love their expressions!

Anway Family {Tucson Family Photographer}

My completed session with this adorable family!  The kids were so happy and silly and the adults were a joy to photograph too!  I sure loved this shoot!

For All My Fellow Nerds Out There...

Growing up I was lucky enough to launch model rockets a bunch- thanks to my awesome dad!  Several weekends ago we headed out to the SARA (Southern Arizona Rocketry Associaton) launch.  I love the smell of the rocket engines and the sound when they take off- so many wonderful memories came back to me!  And of course, I had my camera in tow.  Love this shot! :) 

Javier and Carla {Tucson Wedding Photographer}

Remember this gorgeous friend of mine from her "sneak peek" a few weeks ago?  I had a great time capturing the moments before her wedding.  I loved her boquet!  Following the pre-wedding shoot, I was able to attend the wedding and only think about what pics I might have taken, ha!  I guess a photographer's mind never rests at events like that.  It was a beautiful ceremony. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez!